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5 Fun Facts About Limousines

We all know that limousines are upscale, luxurious vehicles, but what don’t you know about limousines?

Limousines are comfortable, luxurious vehicles that everyone should get the chance to ride in at least once in their lives. We all know that limousines are upscale vehicles that are typically used for special occasions, but there’s a lot that we don’t know about limos. Here are five fun facts about limousines.

The First Limo

The first limousine came about in 1902. It still had the enclosed compartment so that the guests could have their privacy. However, the first limousine only had the roof covered for the passengers’ compartment. That means that the driver’s compartment was open, so the limo driver wasn’t protected from the elements.

Stretch Limos

The first stretch limo didn’t come around until 1928. These limousines were really only used to transport big bands back and forth from their shows. This is why you may hear limousines being referred to as a “big band bus”.  

Air Conditioning

Limousines were the first vehicles to ever have air conditioning inside of them. In the time where limos first made their appearance, having air conditioning in a vehicle was considered a luxury. People paid an extra $300 or more to book a limo that had air conditioning inside of it.

Longest Limo

The longest limousine to date was an incredible 100 feet long. It had 26 wheels on it and was separated into three sections: the front, middle, and back. This limo could actually split in half to change directions. Nicknamed the “never-ending” limo, it was featured in a lot of movies and was booked by a number of people who wanted the ultimate luxury experience.

“The Beast”

The Beast is a limousine that was designed just for the president of the United States. They modify the limo for each president, but it always has top-notch safety features. The limousine is virtually indestructible and heavily armored. On top of that, it’s 100% bulletproof!

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