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3 Ways The Limousine Industry Has Changed Chauffeured Transportation Forever


Limousine history is vast and varied. Learn more about how we’ve stuck with the times!

With the transportation industry, well, transforming with the advent of latest technologies it’s best to recap a bit on how the limousine industry has changed in order to map out the ways in which it can still benefit you. With the general state of the economy very slowly rising, many people are finding themselves able to splurge on luxury nights out and big, multi-stop, high-volume celebrating. Hooray! By showing you the 3 ways the Limousine Industry has changed over the years, we’re educating you on awesome new features our business has to offer! So get excited as we delve into the latest technological features and roomy size options.

The Bigger The Party, The Better

Back in the day, limousine services were quite similar to taxi services. While still seated in what was considered a luxury vehicle, most vehicles from the early 1900s featured drivers seated outside under a covered garment. These limos were engine-powered nonetheless, but could not hold nearly as many passengers as today’s limos do. By the late 80’s super stretchers arrived on the market. These big boys could hold upwards of six passengers. It wasn’t until now, that manufacturers in the industry started lengthening SUVs to incorporate parties of 16-20. This is great for the world we live in today! With big bachelor and bachelorette parties, the advent of social media, more and more people attending college, the average person’s social circle has boomed! Bigger limousines, party buses, etc. will make sure all your sorority sisters, coworkers, high school best friends, and out-of-state alumni are accounted for!

We’ll Make Sure You Stay Connected

Gone are the days of bag phones and other telephone monstrosities from the distant past. With modern limousines choosing to do away with archaic car phones, there is much more space for fun! To further assimilate to the times, outlets are now available in most models. We’ve all been there. Your phone is at 2% because you forgot to charge it last night, and you’ve got to stay in contact with many people to keep the night running smoothly. Problem Solved! Just bring your phone charger, and you’ll be able to keep that your smartphone buzzing, ringing and notifying you all night.

Global Positioning Systems and Transportation

With the advent of Global Positioning Systems limousine companies are now able to track their driver’s locations, how long it takes them to pick you up and drop you off, and their productivity for the day. With this type of technology, bad limousine drivers are quickly weeded out. Unsafe driving, lateness, and unprofessionalism is a thing of the past now thanks to global positioning. Thus, the likelihood of injuring yourself and loved ones in a limousine accident, or embarrassingly standing idly as you wait for an unprofessional driver is very unlikely with An Extraordinar Limousine.

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