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Baltimore Airport Transportation

airport transportationIn Baltimore, there are many types of transportation available for travel to other states and countries. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you must find a way to your point of takeoff. A limo is a viable option for transport to any of the crowded terminals in the bustling city of Baltimore, including the airport and ship ports.

We will help you arrive in ease and style to quell your beginning-of-travel anxiety. An Extraordinar Limousine would like to transport you in one of our cars or limos to any of the following points of travel in Baltimore.

  1. BWI Airport: Taking the family to the airport in a limo is a fun start to your wonderful vacation! The kids will love it and will want to take as many pictures as possible to impress their friends, and you will win parent of the year award. Are you traveling solo for business? Starting off the business venture with a limo service will make your trip worth it on your company’s dime. Who says you can’t have a relaxing trip even if it is for business?
  2. Port of Baltimore Cruise Terminal: Can’t wait to be out on the open water? Think about it: the salty breeze wafting through your hair, tingling your nose as you lay sunbathing on the deck. Now jump back to forty-degree Baltimore, bundled up and walking briskly down the street to your destination. If you live in the city, it may be easier to navigate to the Port of Baltimore, but cab rides can be overpriced and smelly. You won’t be able to justify spending the money to park in the lot when you live so close to the cruise terminal. If you live in the county, the hassle of making sure you go the right way to avoid the toll and getting off at the right exit on 95 might make you hesitant to drive down. Here is where the limo service from An Extraordinar Limousine comes into play. There will be no rush to speed to the port, no need to look for parking spots (which can run at $15 per night), and the limo will drop you off right in front of the check-in area. Potential problems solved!
  3.   Baltimore’s Penn Station: The pickup and drop off lanes in the crowded circle are not that easy to navigate. One too many friends get aggravated with the annoyance of other drivers and that can make for an awkward goodbye once you get out of the car. There is no time for hugs or help with bags. Taking the light rail may be cost effective, but convenience wise, it is a bust because the rail does not stop directly at Penn Station like a limo service would. The drop-off lanes are most ideal as they put you directly in front of the train station entrance. Instead of paying for parking while you are gone, take a clean limo to Penn Station and focus on your major travel plans as well as that ice cold margarita awaiting your arrival.

Can’t afford a limo? Use our car service instead to get to any of these destinations. With friendly and prompt drivers you will be on your way to relaxation before you can say extraordinary.

“Let us spoil you!” To request a quote, please call our office at 410-437-8200.

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