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Going Green with a Limo Service

going green limoThe Green initiative is still growing. It’s been a big topic of conversation ever since we realized exactly what we’ve been doing to the ozone layer and the effect that using up our non-renewable resources is having on our quality of life as well as the potential for future generations. It’s unfortunate to consider that a couple hundred years from now our air may not be breathable. There are ways to reverse this problem, though. Carpooling is one of them and what better way to carpool than by renting a luxurious limousine?

You may not want to rent a limousine to take you to work every morning, but if you’re doing a trip with a bunch of friends downtown or you know there’s going to be drinking on the trip, renting a limousine can be beneficial. You’ll get a flat rate for the hours that you rent the limo and you’ll avoid putting everyone in your party behind the wheel, which means that there are less emissions from your car. Taking one vehicle will help to save the environment and will give you a chance to catch up with friends or family in the back of a luxury vehicle. How nice is that? Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a limousine, either. We have many other chauffeured vehicles that are available for you to rent that allow for carpooling. If you are sponsoring a corporate event and have multiple people to transport, a bus or coach may be a good way to get everyone there without requiring the whole group to drive. It’s safer that way (especially if there’s alcohol present at the event) and it’s much better for the environment for everyone to ride together.

We have a whole fleet of vehicles that can aid in your “going green” initiative. Check out our Lincoln Sedan or our 15-passenger van for a good way to transport to or from the airport.  Renting a limousine to transport multiple people and make an effort to go green is a great way to further the initiative. To find out more about renting a limousine for corporate or personal transport, please call our office at 410-437-8200. An Extraordinar Limousine provides transportation in Maryland, DC, Virginia and surrounding states.
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