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How to Impress a New Client


Ensure that your prospective client rides in style!

When it comes to business, first impressions can make or break a deal. Individuals have a tendency to form opinions about people based on all sorts of non-verbal cues. You may not be saying the wrong thing, but your body language might be. It’s important when meeting with a prospective client that you put your best foot forward and take advice from these helpful tips.

Punctuality and Preparedness

Prospective clients come to you because they need a service or a product that you offer. Many times, they’ve been referred to you by a business associate, current client, or even a friend. One of the first ways you can prove your worth to your prospective client is to show up on time, and that means early. Don’t be that business owner that shows up after their prospective client as a way to assert your power in the company. Rather, be genuine, be punctual, and be prepared.

Positivity and Clarity

Begin your meeting with a positive attitude. Practice making eye contact and listening intently. Your client needs to know that they can trust you with whatever task they’re asking to you to fulfill. Be clear about your pricing, and don’t attempt to hide anything that might seem uncomfortable to talk about, such as expensive rates. Your client will appreciate the upfront honesty.

Organize and Plan

If you really want to exude professionalism, tidy up your office to perfection. An organized office is a sure sign that your priorities are straight and that you’re up to handle any task for your prospective client. A cluttered office suggests that you’re disorganized, and you might not be capable of handling the task.

Arrange for Transportation

If your prospective client is traveling from out of town, arrange for transportation to pick them up from the hotel. Arranging transportation shows that their business is important to you, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure their safety and comfort.

An Extraordinar Limousine Provides Chauffeured Transportation

Extraordinar Limousine Inc. is one of the most professional companies in the business. We have one of Maryland’s largest and most diverse selections of vehicles that enable us to provide our clients with the professional and reliable service they expect and deserve. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us successful.

We provide safe, distinctive, comfortable, and reliable travel services in Baltimore, Virginia, D.C, and surrounding areas. We only hire the best drivers and perform extensive background checks before ever letting them behind the wheel. Not all other services can say the same. To find out more about renting a vehicle from a reputable company, please call our office at 410-437-8200. Choose your limousine rental today!

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