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How Much Do You Know About St. Patrick’s Day?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Just behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Fourth of July comes the fourth biggest drinking day of the year: St Patrick’s Day. An Extraordinar Limousine offers amazing deals to ensure that you’re drinking responsibly on Friday– and doing so in style. Make your travel plans, pack your green t-shirt, and stop to appreciate the holiday for all of its quirky glory.


The Sign of the Shamrock

According to Irish legend, St. Patrick used the three-leafed plant as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when he first introduced Christianity to Ireland.

Snakes Hate Cold

You’ve most likely heard that St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland — but how? Modern scientists suggest that it has less to do with his biblical powers, and more to do with the fact that the Irish environment is too cold for reptiles to begin with.

Chicago Goes Green

If you’ve ever spent St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, you might have seen the river turn a bright green. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! The Plumbers Local 110 union dies it green every year.

Some People Go Blue

Traditionally, blue was the color most associated with St. Patrick. The Irish Presidential is still blue, but green has been considered more universally popular.

Guinness is Good for You

Guinness sales soar on St. Patrick’s Day. While 5.5 million pints of the famous porter are sold every day, the total doubles on the Irish holiday. Contrary to popular opinion, a pint of Guinness contains fewer calories than most beers. Sláinte!


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