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What Questions Should I Ask my Annapolis Wedding Limo Company?

wedding limoGetting married requires a lot of vendors. You have to find a caterer, a DJ, the perfect flowers, a limousine company, and more. Through all of the chaos of planning your wedding, you want to make sure that you find the right person to chauffeur you on your wedding day. You also don’t have time to waste on the wrong people. If you ask the right questions from the very beginning, you can easily find the right Annapolis limo service for you. What questions are the best to ask to get the important information?

Can I get in contact with you during non-business hours – Changes and emergencies can happen last minute. You want to know that you’re able to get a hold of your chauffeur or someone in charge quickly in case something happens that’s out of your control.

Do the drivers dress professionally? – It’s important to know whether or not your driver is going to look as classy as the rest of the group on the wedding. If you’re comfortable with someone who’s dressed down, that’s great, but if you’re a little more picky, this is a question you’ll want to ask.

How often do you do weddings? – You don’t want a company that only does a couple of weddings a month; it’s best to find a company that knows weddings and can take the proper care and time that you deserve on your special day. Plus, they’ll know all of the kinks that can come up on a wedding day and how to handle them appropriately.

What’s the deposit requirement? – Some places require a deposit, while others don’t. Find out if you have to pay with a card or cash and go from there. You should also find out if your deposit is refundable in the case of cancellation.

What additional fees should I know about? – Find out what the policies are for everything and what extra fees you might incur. For example, the gratuity might not be included. Ask about taxes, tolls, and any other questions you have about money. Wedding budgets tend to be tight, so you’ll want to ask all of the questions you can.

When renting your Annapolis wedding limousine, make sure you ask the right things and get the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to ask all of these as well as other questions. Reputable companies will be forthright with you and will help you get your money’s worth!

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