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Why You Shouldn’t Choose Uber for Your Annapolis Limo Service

uberUber car service is slowly starting to make its way across the country as an alternative to using taxis or other car services. Some people are looking at this as a good thing and something of a grass roots campaign to make it easier for people to get a job as a driver and for passengers to get fairly inexpensive rides. While this all looks good on paper, it boils down to a couple of things: you don’t really know who’s driving you and the company isn’t particularly reputable. Using Uber as a limo service kind of defeats the point of a limo. Riding in a limo is supposed to be luxurious and classy, a couple of things that Uber is not. We’ve compiled a few good reasons to use a reputable company like An Extraordinar Limousine rather than settling for Uber.

  • Lack of Screening – You obviously want to know that the person who is driving you isn’t a convicted criminal or someone with a history of violence. Uber doesn’t check very well and has actually had an instance involving one of their drivers physically and verbally attacking a passenger. That’s obviously bad for business. At An Extraordinar Limousine, we finger print, background check, drug test, and train all of our drivers. Something that can’t be said for Uber.
  • Unfriendly Drivers – You may come across a friendly driver while using Uber. We’re sure that not everyone is rude, but there have been a few instances where Uber’s name has been tarnished. Their drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting passengers and holding phones hostage. We can guarantee you that our drivers present much more class than that and if something was ever reported with one of our drivers, we’d take immediate action to remedy the problem and get to the source, without victimizing the passenger, as Uber has been known to do.
  • Insurance Problems – All Uber drivers have a little bit of added insurance from the company, but how much they have is the question. Uber lacks comprehensive insurance and has even admitted that they try to shift the insurance from that of the company to the personal insurance of the driver. In that case, how can you trust that your driver isn’t underinsured? In short, you can’t. This could be problematic for both you and the driver while leaving Uber scot-free. Our drivers are insured by the company when they’re on company time so that we know our drivers and passengers are safe and protected.

Our goal at An Extraordinar Limousine is for you to have an enjoyable, safe ride for whatever function you hire us for. We personally ensure your safety by hiring the best drivers and doing extensive background checks on them before ever letting them behind the wheel. Uber can’t say the same. To find out more about renting a limousine from a reputable company, please call our office at 410-437-8200. An Extraordinar Limousine provides transportation in Maryland, DC, Virginia and surrounding states.
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