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The Best Tips Before Traveling Internationally


Are you taking off to someplace new?

So you’re traveling abroad for the first time, or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been out of the country. Either way, before you hit the big blue skies it’s important to take a few hours out of your day and ensure that you’re completely prepared to travel internationally. Traveling abroad, whether for vacation or work, is always exciting. However, be sure to take these precautions before arriving at the airport.

Go to the Doctor

Depending on where you’re traveling to, there are possibly vaccinations that you have to receive and you want to make sure that any necessary prescriptions you take are renewed before you travel. Ensure that you’re in good shape to travel, as traveling can be an arduous activity. Make sure that your insurance provider offers coverage overseas and if they do not then consider supplemental insurance.

Research the Monetary Conversion

Make sure you do your math before taking off to a new country. Taking too much money with you may turn out to be a wonderful surprise but not taking enough is an entirely different story. Ensure that your credit card will work in the country that you’re visiting and always carry local cash on you in case the store or vendor doesn’t accept credit cards.

Purchase a Guidebook

This one may seem cliché, but guidebooks typically include maps, key phrases, and minor details that may help you navigate the town you’re visiting.

Update Your Phone/Bring an Adapter

Countries have different size plugs and voltage so ensure that you’ll be able to charge your phone and purchase an adapter. Roaming charges are OBSCENE, and you don’t want to arrive home to a massive phone bill. So turn your phone to airplane mode and use the Wi-Fi, or activate your phone’s global capabilities.


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