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The History of the Limousine

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve taken a ride in a luxury limousine. Maybe it was at your prom, or maybe it was at your wedding. Maybe you just took one out on a night around the town! But have you ever stopped to think about where these stretched out cars came from? What’s the history of the limousine? Where did the word “limousine” even come from? Find out in our blog this week!

History of the Limousine

Have you ever stopped to think about where these stretched out cars came from? What’s the history of the limousine?

Limousines Have Been Around Since the 1700s

The very first chauffeured vehicles were horse drawn carriages, developed with the wealthy in mind. During the 1700s, if you were very rich, you could take a ride in a golden limousine pulled by the finest horses.

Limoges, a province in France, is where the first engine-powered limousine was developed in 1902. “Limousine” comes from the word Limoges. These cars were called that because the first limousine was designed so that a driver sat outside in a covered compartment that resembled the cloak hood worn by the people of the province.

The Modern-Day Limousine

The first stretch limo wasn’t invented until 1928 by a man from Arkansas. During this time period, they were referred to as “big band buses” because they mainly were used to transport big band leaders, instruments, and orchestras.

In the 30’s and onward, limousines began to be used for airport transportation as well as sightseeing tours. Eventually they came into use for actors and actresses in movies to transport them to their sets, as well as film crew and equipment. They became a status symbol in this way, only used by the most rich and famous.

Today, we still use limos to shuttle around the rich and famous – but they’ve become much more affordable for the average person as well. Consider taking a ride in one of our stylish and classy limousines to your wedding, prom, or corporate event!

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