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The Scary Side of Uber

scary uber

Uber may be convenient, but is it worth risking your safety?

Uber is an app that sends a driver to your location at the push of a button. It’s similar to a taxi service, except that you are riding in someone’s personal car. Uber has certain standards for its drivers; they must have a vehicle that is a year 2000 or newer model, they must be at least 21 years old, and they must pass a background check. However, unlike riding in a limo, the drivers do not have any customer service training or any supervisors to answer to, meaning that in all likelihood you could get a driver who suffers from road rage or makes inappropriate conversation. That’s not all you’re getting into when you step into an Uber driver’s car. Read on to learn more about the scary side of Uber.

No Quality Control

A benefit for Uber drivers is that they don’t have any boss to answer to, although that is certainly not a benefit to the passengers. Because there is no hands-on training, many Uber drivers do not have the necessary skills to be safe, cordial drivers. Uber also doesn’t do anything to show its good drivers any appreciation, so good driving is not rewarded. The “zero-tolerance” background checks have also proven to be ineffective, as an Uber driver from San Francisco who passed this background check was discovered to have verbally and physically abused one of his passengers. There are plenty of other horror stories surrounding Uber, including an Uber driver who held a woman’s phone for a $500 ransom, a driver who physically assaulted a passenger, and many drivers who talk about their criminal history to passengers. Because Uber doesn’t meet its drivers in person, there’s no interview process besides the informal background screen. Of course, for an extra fee, you can pay for an UberX, which ensures a safer driver. Why can’t all the Uber drivers be held to the same standards as the UberX drivers?

Uber Bullied its Way into the Market

Many people use Uber now, yet few know about its inception. Uber was established as a tech company. Its rideshare program was actually illegal in most cities because it violated safety and licensing laws. Uber encouraged users to harass city officials until laws were changed to allow Uber to operate legally in the city. When cities didn’t allow laws to change, Uber continued to operate illegally. Currently, Uber has over 173 lawsuits lodged against them. However, Uber is deft at side-stepping the law. In December of 2013 a young girl crossing the street in San Francisco was killed by an Uber driver. Uber released a statement that declared that the driver was not working for Uber, then released a second statement saying the he did work for Uber but was not carrying a passenger at the time, therefore stating that he was not working for Uber in that specific moment and releasing Uber from legal responsibility.

When you use a limousine service, you can be sure that you are using a safe, legal, and responsible service with drivers who are skilled and constantly given feedback to be the best and friendliest drivers they can be.

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