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Travel is Good for Your Heart


Ready to start traveling? Your heart will thank you.

Americans commonly forfeit their vacation in order to gain more hours and higher pay. A report in 2015 showed that U.S employees took about 16 vacation days in 2014, down from 20 days in 2000. The chance to make more money is enticing, yet it promotes a greater risk of stress and lack of productivity. Stress that results in a lack of sleep and overwork can result in damaging effects on employee’s health, experts say.

Your Heart Will Thank You

Travel promotes physical activity, which promotes heart heath. Most Americans work their jobs sitting down, which increases the risk of heart disease. Traveling to a new destination involves exploring the land and taking part in adventures. This physical movement lowers blood pressure and decreases the risk of stroke.

Your Brain Will Stay Sharp

Your brain is challenged when introduced to new environments. This mental stimulation builds resilience in the mind and decreases the risk of degenerative disease.  The increase cognitive encouragement due to exposure to new things is proven to increase memory and concentration. Basically, your vacation is a much-needed break from the computer screen you habitually stare at.

Decrease Stress

Travel allows you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind and gives you the opportunity to relax your mind and body. Relaxation isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for our mind and bodies. Studies have shown that stress relief as a result of travel can decrease depression and have a positive effect on a person’s overall mood and perspective.

Boost Your Creative Side

Did you know that a vacation would actually allow you to perform better at your job? After months or even years of working at your job, you’re likely to become complacent and uninspired. Travel will give you the opportunity to rest your clock. Visiting a new state or even a new country gives a person a new perspective and a new way of thought. You may meet people that you never expected to meet. You may try new foods – you may be introduced to a new culture. The prospect of travel opens you up to a new way of life! Our sponsor: http://kinosalo.com/ .

Are You Ready to Start Traveling?

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