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Why Was The Limousine Invented?


Learn about the history of chauffeured transportation!

With many different car models transcending the decades, chauffeured transportation has consistently communicated an air of wealth and status. From Rolls Royce carriages with open driver compartments, to sleek, modern party buses, the evolution of the limousine is varied. Unlike most cars, whose styles and adaptations are directly from their horse-drawn carriage predecessors, limousines were originally built as automobiles. In 1889, the first limousine automobile was introduced in Paris, France. The word Limousine, actually comes from the French word ‘limousin,’ which was a former province filled with farmland and shepherds. The locals adorned themselves in a traditional black cloak for body warmth on chilly nights spent in the French Countryside. The original Limousine had a closed passenger compartment with the driver exposed to the elements. The enclosed portion of the car was said to resemble the limousin cloaks worn by those countryside shepherds. It was then, the word limousine, to refer to chauffeured transportation, was born!

Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous

The symbol of luxury, status and high-class we associate with today’s limousines did not originate from their traditional use. Historically, limos were delivery vehicles, able to keep freight dry and safe from harm with the practical, enclosed section. It wasn’t until Woodrow Wilson rode in a chauffeured car, that  the limousine was used to transport important persons. The essence of the limousine has always been the separation between the passenger and the driver. The partition, if you will. As cars became more widely available, everyone came into possession of their own vehicle. It was then, that having someone drive you to and from your destination was considered luxurious. Having someone else drive you is quite the modern indicator of privilege.

The Modern-Day Stretch Limo

Once chauffeured transportation started being associated with the wealthy, the bigger the manufacturers went, the better. The stretch limousine is an American-made limousine giant that brought forth the culture of big-party, multi-stop celebrations. Traditionally used to transport band leaders to and from their venues, stretch limos have always been associated with the famous, hence our desire to rent them and feel like rock stars on nights of wild celebration.

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