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Why You Should Trust Your Limo Driver


Let us spoil you! A professional limo driver guarantees a good time.

Limousine drivers are the best in the transportation business. Not only are they punctual roadmasters, but well-trained in hospitality and customer service. The good ones make you feel like a rockstar! Which is what you want on a thrilling night out. The training process for limousine drivers is extensive. They must prove they can operate a motor vehicle while ensuring passenger safety. They understand customer needs and actively seek to maintain them with practiced communication skills, knowledge of etiquette, and an understanding of nonverbal cues. Trusting your limo driver coincides with the expectations of the industry. Riding around in style isn’t dead and we’re here to prove it to you in this week’s blog on professional chauffeurs.  

Extended Training and Knowledge Of The Industry

A trained transportation specialist  is certified and ready to handle every road bump you throw at them. Half you party didn’t show up in time for pick up and your dinner reservations start in 30 minutes? No problem. A good limo driver knows how to problem solve. He might suggest dropping the punctual half of your party off first to hold the table and offer to wait patiently for everyone else. Guaranteed to follow traffic rules and extended experience with navigating local streets they’ll get you to your destination all while offering champagne.

No Risk Of Drunk Driving

Limousine drivers must undergo background checks before they are allowed to operate a vehicle. This includes drug testing. Drivers who regularly abuse alcohol or test positive for illegal substances are never hired. Ensuring everyone’s safety is our number one priority. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your intoxicating night filled with boisterous celebration. We stay sober so you don’t have to!

Advanced Hospitality Training

A professional limo driver dresses, appropriately, carries himself with class and confidence, expertly handles crunch situations, and anticipates his passenger’s every need. From stocking his cabin full of your favorite wine, to flexibly adhering to changes in plans, a good limo driver will make sure you’re having a good time. Great customer service goes a long way and you’ll notice the difference if you’ve ever taken an uber before.

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Extraordinar Limousine Inc. is one of the most professional companies in the business. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us successful. We provide safe, distinctive, comfortable, and reliable travel services in the Baltimore, Virginia, and D.C. areas.  We only hire the best drivers and perform extensive background checks before ever letting them behind the wheel. Not all other services can say the same. To find out more about renting a limousine from a reputable company, please call our office at 410-437-8200.

“Let us spoil you!”

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