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The Dangers of Using Ride Sharing Apps

The Dangers of Using Ride Sharing Apps

Unfortunately, many ride sharing apps are incredibly dangerous for numerous reasons.

Ride sharing apps like UBER and Lyft are becoming more and more popular, especially with young adults who aren’t as comfortable using taxis and feel like limos and luxury travel options are out of their price range. Unfortunately, many ride sharing apps are incredibly dangerous for numerous reasons.


The Basics

Ride sharing apps work by allowing independent contractors to become drivers depending on their individual screening requirements. When any person wants a ride, they an open up the app, see what drivers are in the area, and make a request for a ride. Apps will typically tell the user who their driver is, their route to get there, their photo, vehicle information (like license plate number), and their estimated arrival time. Passengers love these apps for their convenience, but most people don’t think about the dark side.

Know What You Agreed To

Do you know that page that most users of ride sharing apps click through in a few seconds? The terms and conditions page? That dictates whether or not you are protected if anything bad occurs. In most cases, if you are in an accident while riding in a ride sharing app car and injured, there is no guarantee that you will be covered by the insurance of the car driver or the ride sharing service. In many cases, the insurance of the driver will not cover damages if the accident occurrs while the driver was using the car for commercial purposes. This could leave you to drag the driver to court to cover expenses.

Another issue for those that use ride sharing apps is safety. Just like you will never know for sure whether or not your driver is a trustworthy person, they never know that their passenger will be a trustworthy person. If a driver is new or has bad ratings, you might get yourself into a world of trouble by entering the car of a person who means to do you harm.


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