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The Benefits of a Limousine vs. Uber

Limo vs. Uber

There are several reasons why a Limousine may be a better choice than Uber.

Uber is catching on as a popular way to get around nowadays. These services are easy to use with apps that you can access on your phone, and an Uber driver is bound to be near enough to pick you up quickly and get you where you need to be. Uber seems to be the company of the future, but they have been coming under some close scrutiny lately. When it comes to transportation, a limousine may be a more practical choice, and there are several reasons why.

Transportation in Style

An Uber is a basic option to get where you need to go. Uber is cheap, and rightly so. When you rent a ride from Uber, you don’t expect a nice car, you don’t expect to make a statement, and you don’t expect to think about your ride after you’ve stepped out of the car. When you rent a limousine, you are paying for great style with a great experience. If you are planning a ride for a special event—like prom night, your wedding night, or a corporate outing—a limousine is the best choice. We have a wide selection of cars to choose from; from Sedans to 10-passenger Limousines and Hummer Limousines to Coaches, we have what you’re looking for. A professional staff combined with sleek, luxury cars is bound to make your night one you’ll remember far after stepping out of the car.

Support a Fair Business

Uber has been under a lot of scrutiny for misclassifying their drivers as “contractors” rather than “employees”. By hiring drivers as contractors, Uber is benefiting from the drivers. Uber does not provide a guaranteed minimum wage, health insurance, worker’s compensation, or overtime pay. An independent contractor working for Uber also is responsible for paying the employer’s share of payroll taxes. Hiring drivers as contractors may save Uber a lot of money, but it’s costing them a lot in other ways. At An Extraordinar Limousine Inc., we hire employees and make sure that they get employee benefits.

A Professional Experience

A popular tweet from an Uber passenger has been making the rounds on the internet in the past few weeks. In it, he talks about an Uber driver who told him he was selling drugs on the side. Another horror story tells of a woman who boarded an Uber car to go home from work in Washington, D.C. The driver headed in the wrong direction, yelled at her, intentionally sped up and stopped to jostle her around, and drove in circles until she finally asked to be let out of the car and escaped.

This lack of professionalism is unacceptable. A company that has such a large number of drivers with very little accountability measures cannot control the professionalism of all drivers at all times. While most Uber drivers are nice, responsible people, if you drive with Uber enough times, you’re bound to come across someone who does not feel any necessity to uphold standards of professionalism. Practically every person who uses Uber has a story of a driver who made them feel uncomfortable in some way. That is just the chance you take from getting rides from strangers.

At An Extraordinar Limousine Inc., you can rest assured that your driver will be professional and respectful for your entire ride. We don’t just get you from A to B; we provide an experience of luxury and comfort. And our drivers are the most important part of the show. Just like an Uber driver, they will get you where you need to be, but our drivers also care personally about making you feel comfortable and relaxed. A ride in a limousine is a great way to make any event special, while also feeling taken care of by a driver you can trust. 4K site Ultra HD 2160p movies 4k-hd.club download movies 2018 year, genre Documentary 4K. Cartoon PIXAR COCO 2017 4K ULTA HD 2160p.

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