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Prom Limo Etiquette

Prom Limo Etiquette

Prom is a night you’ll remember for years! Make sure you’re ready!

If this year will be your first time to go to Prom, chances are you’re pretty nervous. Orchestrating a successful Prom night can be complicated, especially when it comes to limo etiquette. You may have a ton of questions flying around your head: What are the rules? Should I tip the driver? What do we do if we have a big group? Not to worry, these questions and more will all be answered in today’s blog!

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Plan

If you’re traveling with a group, you should map out pickup times and locations ahead of time. You can decide to have your driver pickup and drop off everyone at their houses, or you can decide on one location to meet for pickup and drop off. Either way, make sure that your limo company knows how many people are in your party and where and what times to pickup and drop off.

Do I Open the Limo Door for My Date?

Don’t rush to open the door for your date, guys. Your driver will open the doors for you at every pickup and drop off, which makes the night seem even more magical.

Play it Safe

Even though your limo may have a bar, it will not be stocked for Prom night. Don’t try to bring drinks with you in the limo, either; our chauffeurs are trained to watch for seniors who have alcoholic drinks on them. Extraordinar Limo takes part in Prom Promise, which means that we have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and other illegal substances. We do not allow open drinks, backpacks, or purses inside the vehicle; if you do bring a backpack or purse, it has to be in the trunk for the duration of the ride. The school can also check the vehicle at anytime. If your driver finds any alcohol, he or she will confiscate it and hand it to the proper authorities. It’s just not worth risking the fun memories of prom. Rather than putting a damper on your night, try instead drinking some creative mocktails! A pineapple and lime refresca or some strawberry kiwi punch makes an exciting alternative to kiddie mocktails like the Shirley Temple.


Before you leave the dance, make sure that you have all members in attendance. Leaving your date on the curb is not an ideal end to a magical prom night. You and your friends are a team; it’s everyone’s job to watch out for each other throughout the night to keep each other safe!

Tipping the Limo Driver

Tipping your chauffeur can be an awkward situation. How much do you tip? When do you tip? The recommended tipping amount is 20 percent. Check ahead of time to find out how much the limo costs and get cash out so that you have it on hand. At the end of the ride, you can hand your driver their tip. However, if you or someone else’s parents paid for the ride, they may have already included the tip in the payment. Make sure to check with whoever paid for the ride ahead of time. Planning is key to a great night!

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